Nattleburgh is a city in mourning. The Trentsmund Review recently reported the massacre of the city’s favored sons in the Colonial Army’s 153rd battalion, infecting its streets and common houses with an unspoken melancholy. Even as the drums of war beat in the colonies, Nattleburgh’s streets are turning red with mob violence. Conflict between the Baxton Streeters, the Holkman Mob, and the Looseys (a large gang of Mottan immigrants) has escalated severely in the last few years.


In the bleak twilight last night, Nattleburgh witnessed what many thought was a falling star. As its bright streak lengthened across the night sky, it was clear that something was falling toward the city, and landed in the farm country across the River Gateway. Was it a harbinger of horrors to come, or a beacon of hope to benighted Nattleburgh?

Darkplane: The Sounding

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