Darkplane: The Sounding

Part 5: Naphta-Rah

A closer look at the strange fossils yields answers

Players: Rich Abbott (Jack), Matthew Ballantine-Patton (Dr. Graham), Matt Hudson (Edvard), Dawn Brown (Amethyst)

DM: Graham Ward

The morning after their escape from Falbonnach‘s deathtrap hotel, the party decided to check back at the scene, and maybe get into Middlegorge’s room for some more information. They found the city in an uproar. Rumors were flying about Falbonnach’s murder, that the coroner had found the mark of Daemoth beneath his hair, making him a daemon. The discovery apparently warranted an enormous funeral service that was now getting organized in the Temple Square.

The Hotel Tolmeia was under the watch of Nattleburgh’s constabulary. Amethyst used a spell to peer into the window of Middlegorge‘s room, and found it empty and ready for a new guest. They decided it was too dangerous to venture into the hotel vault at present, and so headed to the Heap, the apparent source of the past few days’ strangeness.

On their way to the river, Dr. Graham became aware of a man in rags following them. When they confronted him, he introduced himself as Allman Logue, the leader of a tribe from Wyrgoth. He had come to Nattleburgh looking for the remains of a prophetess of Baturach, the primordial goddess of death and the moon. He insisted that they were in Jack’s possession, showing them all a gem whose blue glow got brighter as it got nearer to Jack. He, for the moment, denied any knowledge of the remains, although he suspected Logue was referring to the fossilized face recovered in the hospital outbreak. Logue accompanied them to the Heap in hopes of recovering whatever had fallen from the sky a few days ago.

They rummaged through the island of trash, finding only a couple items of use. Jack, who was searching the fields beyond the Heap, stumbled on another fossil stone, this one seemingly containing an arm. Beside it lay two dead bodies that glowed with the same smoky luminescence as the infectious cadavers at Bainbrook. One had carried Middlegorge’s signet.

While Logue looked over the bodies, Edvard felt a sting on his hand. Dr. Graham looked at it and, determining it was a bite, called on an old family chant that revealed the presence of poison. Three giant snakes slithered about in the trash and soon lashed out at the group. Their skin too showed signs of the smoky blue light beneath it.

Jack stabbed one of the snakes and it spewed forth a blue gas, which formed into a misty tendril and began attacking of its own accord. A desperate struggle ensued as each time the snakes’ flesh was cut it sent out an eruption of the malevolent blue vapor. The tendrils of mist eventually surged into the fossil stones in Jack’s pack, making them glow with heat.

The snakes congregated around Jack, constricting and biting him in a feeding frenzy. Edvard, Dr. Graham, and Amethyst managed to take them down before he was squeezed to death. Logue ran toward the fray, and another burst of blue smoke surged into the small fossil in his pocket. Before anything more could happen, they high-tailed it to the farmhouse by the river. On their way, they heard a persistent and encroaching baying, as of a wolf or hound. Movements in the nearby brush set them on edge, and they charged into the abandoned farmhouse to recuperate.

Logue explained that the fossils had fallen from heaven, and that they were the remains of Naphta-Rah, the great dead prophetess of Baturach. His people had waited years for her coming, and now he was going to assemble her and make her live again. The infectious blue mist was her essence, now housed in the broken fossil-stones.

It was still early afternoon. Amethyst looked out the windows for a sign of what was hiding in the brush and cornfields, but saw nothing. She picked up a book of local history, hoping it might come in handy. The others made some quick fortifications while they rested, but soon decided it would be better to head to town rather than spend another night here.

Passing through Temple Square, they saw that the funeral was in full swing. Magra Thorne, Nattleburgh’s resident zealot, was giving a frothing sermon about a vision Daemoth had granted her. She claimed to have seen the faces of the daemons living in Nattleburgh. Suddenly turning to the party, she pointed at Cora and shouted, “Her! She is one of the faces revealed to me by God! She is a sacred vessel of Daemoth!”

2 Leather coats
2 fossils
25 Gold Dollars

XP: 145 each

[Giant poisonous snakes: 210 XP
Blue mist: 250 XP
Fossils found: 100 XP
Roleplay: 20 XP

TOTAL: 580 XP / 4 players]

_Middlegorge had written to Prince Daston asking his help in searching for a certain rare text—the grimoire known as The Letters of Mozralchi. Daston derisively rejected his request.



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